How I Got My Child To Like Salad

We had a small victory yesterday. I admit, I get ridiculously joyful over seeing my children enjoy vegetables and I take it on as a welcomed challenge. Salad, however, has had me stumped. And we like salads. It’s an easy, healthy, common side dish. So when I came across this Beet Salad on a Stick recipe from you better believe I thought it was brilliant! Let me remind you, I’m a mother of boys…and boys like sticks. So if I stack a bite-able stick with things they enjoy (and of course sandwich a leaf in there) how could I go wrong?

But since they don’t like beets (…yet) I just took the idea of a salad on a stick and ran with it.


Salad Bites

You know its a success when your child requests to have it the next night, too Here’s what we poked on a toothpick, but would work with any bite of salad.

Salad Bites:
2-3 Spinach leaves
Feta cheese
Candied pecans

The real victory was the fact that my son tried a salad dressing…and liked it!! That’s big. But come on, these bites are so dip-able! It was just a quick yogurt dressing I threw together:

Strawberry Yogurt Vinaigrette:
1 Tbs. Plain yogurt
1 Tbs. Strawberry jam
2 Tbs. Olive oil
2 tsp. Apple cider vinegar

You bet I’ll be making salad bites of all sorts more often!


A Little About Me

Hello you! This is me, Kelsea. I’m an at home mom of two, soon to be three, boys, who are filled with vibrant energy and are the main motivation behind my ambition. I’m a wife of an EE PhD student; a genius scientist researching the stimulation of nerves, who is the most kind and dedicated husband and father I know! I’m a daughter of two amazing parents who embrace life in all its challenges with faith, song and laughter. I’m a University of Utah Alumni with a BA in History Secondary Education and a minor in French. I’m a grateful daughter-in-law of two educators who inspire excellence and pure honest living. I’m a devoted Christian, former dancer, nutritional foodie, bread baker, Beautycounter Consultant, Sister…and now a beginner blogger!

I created this blog purely out of a need to get out and sort through all the many thoughts running about my head that seem so pertinent to embracing the beauty in the life I’m creating. I’m confident that what I have to offer here might be helpful or of interest to someone else. And I figure while I’m gathering (or have gathered) resources on topics such as cloth diapering, VBA2C, homeschooling, toxins in our food and beauty products, MSA, and healthy recipes to name a few, the least I can do is share them!!

Life can be a whirlwind, but I’m also an optimist and believe that in all its craziness– it is beautiful. Everybody brings something unique to the canvas of life which is why this world is altogether a breathtaking masterpiece.